L. Scott Harrell

L Scott Harrell is a bounty hunter (retired), private investigator and competitive strategist. An international small business champion who speaks travel, technology, startups, marketing and social media fluently. In addition to sitting on the Board of Directors of his active private investigation agency, CompassPoint Investigations located in Pensacola, Florida, he is the Chief Executive Officer of a corporation currently developing two new online projects focused on video content.

He began a career rooted in military intelligence and investigative tradecraft when he was selected to work with several different wartime intelligence units while serving in the United States Navy. Since his discharge twenty years ago, he has continued to apply the very special skills honed in the military through an acclaimed private investigation and bail enforcement agency, highly successful digital media companies and as a high profile international business consultant.

His specialties include competitive advantage and business strategy through the ethical application of open source information collection, human resources, technology, social media and bleeding-edge marketing techniques. L. Scott Harrell is a powerful communicator, proven organizational leader and disruptive radical.

In November, 2012, L. Scott Harrell sold the digital training, e-media and social network portfolio he developed over 11 years including Pursuit Magazine, PIeducation.com, his bounty hunter website BeABountyHunter.com and private investigator website BeAPrivateEye.com, and decided to take a sabbatical from the bounty hunting and investigation professions. He accepted the offer to assume the role of Executive Director with an emerging aquatic conservation association, whose mission very closely reflects his own passion for preserving the marine environment amid the serious damage being caused by invasive species. He immensely enjoyed the challenges of leading that organization through a period of unprecedented membership growth encompassing some 23 different countries and Caribbean island nations. In June 2014, after two and a half years, he stepped down in order to find a new challenge.

Today, L. Scott Harrell lives in Cozumel, Mexico with his wife and two daughters. He serves as the CEO of Broadside Incorporated, an international business consultancy, which fits the summary of his strengths perfectly. Broadside Incorporate projects currently include Vtrep.com, an online journal for entrepreneurial filmmakers. As the Executive Editor, his mission is to position Video Entrepreneur Magazine as the leading media publisher and community resource for creative professionals who are ready to capitalize on the unprecedented business opportunities digital video and video marketing presents in 2014 and beyond. The second project is video VideoToOrder.com. Currently under development, they are not ready to fully pull back the curtain on this concept quite yet, but will share that they believe this video marketplace site will become a major hub for video content development. The Broadside development team is shooting for a public beta version of VTO to roll out December 1, 2014.

L. Scott Harrell says of the video marketplace, “We are building a vertical that we hope will one day provide shape and direction to entrepreneurial filmmaking and how the massive demand for commercial video content for business and personal reasons will be met.”


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